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Fossil fuels are removed from the earth. They all contain carbon that when burned, release this carbon into the air and results in a carbon level increase.

Yet burning corn results in no net increase of carbon in the atmosphere. By performing the process of photosynthesis, corn and all other plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.  It is estimated that to produce an acre of corn, 8,465 pounds of carbon are required. The amount of CO2 absorbed (“sequestered”) by the acre of plants is estimated to be 31,075 pounds.

Corn fuel does not require any processing that changes the original form of the corn kernel.  We clean and dry the corn only to ensure that the corn burns cleanly and efficiently. 

Corn spills pose zero risk to the environment as opposed to oil or natural gas leaks/spills. 

It is nature's perfect pellet fuel.   A near pure food and pure fuel, corn burns nearly smoke free, odor free, and pollutant free.  It produces no dangerous creosote in your vent pipes, and a very small amount of ash which can be used in your garden.

Don’t just take it from us, do your own research about the advantages of corn fuel and take a moment to read about another New Englander’s experience with heating her home with corn fuel.


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