Scheduled deliveries to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Vermont.

Chipuxet River Farm
757 Indian Corner Rd.
Slocum, RI 02877

Call us at (401) 294-1158

or toll-free, 800-341-6900


Cleaned:  After our corn is harvested and before it enters the drier, we screen all of the material through a rotary screen designed to filter out fine material that might cause feeding problems inside of your corn stove or furnace.  As a result of this process, fine dust and broken kernels are kept to a minimum.  Some cracked kernels will be present due to drying the corn and handling the finished product but not at levels that will negatively impact stove or furnace performance.

Dried:  Most corn stoves or furnaces require corn at 15% moisture or lower to work properly.  However, even at this low moisture content, corn may spoil if not stored properly during the hot summer.  We dry our corn to 12% moisture content or below which results in a premium grade quality and a product that can be kept safely in a cool, dry place for over 12 months.  This ensures that if you have carry over corn from one burning season, kept properly, you can use it to start the following heating season.

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